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About Artist

I have always enjoyed creating and designing silver pieces. Silver work is not only my passion, but has been my main focus within the past years. My journey with silver and craftsmanship began in high school. I enrolled in metal working classes, and then pursued to an engraving school. My career then led me to a shop specializing in spurs.


This inspiration came to me at a difficult time in my life, and has benefited me personally throughout my Career. As a child my home life was challenging, however I was lucky to have a Navajo family take me in to their home. I took the greyhound bus from Colorado to Rock Point, Arizona to start my new life. My family there taught me a different way of life, and inspired my craftsmanship.


I am grateful to say I have been able to blend my passion of horses and silver into my career. By creating pieces for both people and horses it has increased my experience, and has allowed me to work with custom orders and specialty items. Silver has played a major role in my life, and I believe it can make a difference in any persons life.



                      Silver allows us to remember our loved ones and cherish a lasting gift for years to come.

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